"RM Corporate Communication consistently exceeds our
highest expectations, providing astute insights and fresh
perspectives into every facet of our operations, Roger Murphy
and his team clearly draw on a broad base of experience and
powerfull intellectual resources"

Jacques Foulger,
Chief Executive, SFZ Limited
"RM Corporate Communication has a
design vision that is clear and
creative at all times. This, coupled
with their editorial and project
management skills, means that we
are able to bring them a variety
of problems that were all
solved seamlessly."

Gwyn Winfield, Editor, CBRNe World
"In all the years that I have worked
with RM I have always found them
to be friendly, reliable and totally
professional. I can highly
recommend them to any business
that is seeking an excellent and high
quality project that will be
completed on time and to budget."

Robert Aldridge, Managing Director, APG
(Aldridge Print Group)
"RM's outstanding vision and
design concepts reinvented
Intersec as a fresh, clean and
thoroughly readable magazine."

Robert de la Poer,
Editor, Intersec
"Roger Murphy, as well as one of
the most sophisticated designers
I've ever worked with, is also an
outstanding journalist
meticulous, smart and stylish
whether writing a story or
presenting it to the world.
A true pro."

Brendan Foley.
Three-times winner of the
PR Week gold award